Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Coconut Fun Outfit review

I feel so bad that I have been gone for so long! Anyways I am not super busy this week so I am doing a review. American girl always has stuff on sale and this outfit was really cute and only $9.00!

This outfit is really adorable! It's probably my favorite outfit right now.

The box.

I really actually like this charm.

The headband has pink and purple stripes, I love the design!

The shorts are really cute and good quality, these pink shorts are made of real pant fabric.
The leggings are gray and white,and made of real legging fabric.

This long sleeve shirt has a coconut design. Those dot things are actually metal sequin things. (Sorry about the lighting)

The shoes are a plain darkish-indigo flats.(Sorry about the blurry pic)

Hope you enjoyed this review!


  1. I have this outfit, and it's super cute! I love how there's so much mix and match potential.
    ~Leah <3

  2. Cute!

    Allie D.

  3. Hiya! Really nice outfit your doll has on there! I love that picture of your dolls for the background it's awesome! Check out my blog and post a comment on it? Thanks for reading!

    1. Sorry I never got to your comment until now! I certainly will go to your blog and comment

  4. Hey Eva! You have been nominated for the Good Friend Blogger Award here:

    Allie D.

  5. Cute !


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