The Girls

I had a lot of fun with these girls.

Liberty Saige Copeland
Nickname(s):Well I use my middle name more often,everyone calls me Saige
Words to describe you: Funny,Creative,Joyful
Favorite animal(s):cats,dogs,horses and all other animals
Favorite Food(s):Cheeseburgers,Tacos,Mexican Rice
Favorite holiday(s):The fourth of July,and Chirstmas!
Hobbies:Photography,Design,crafting,horseback riding
Future Job:Designer,Artist,Actress or something else
Birthday: Febuary 23(mine!)
Day I got her: December 25,2013
AG doll type:Saige GOTY 2013

Isabelle Nicki Palmer
Nicknames(s):Izzy, and Izz
Words to describe you:Amazing,Generous,Creative
Favorite Animal(s):Cats (all types),Zebras,and swans
Favorite Food(s):Sugar cookies,Popcorn
Favorite Holiday(s):Christmas
Future Job:Dancer or Designer or both
Birthday:January 18
Day I got her:December 25,2014
AG doll type:Isabelle GOTY 2014

Ali Skylar Kitteredge
Nickname(s):Kit Kat
Words to describe you:Humorous,Patient,Creative
Favorite Animal(s):Cats,dogs
Favorite Food(s):Pizza,Muffins
Favorite Holiday(s):Easter
Hobbies:Hair Styling,Photography,doing nail art,writing
Future Job:Hair Stylist
Birthday:April 6
Day I got her:I am not sure..a few days after Christmas 2012
AG doll type:Kit Kitteredge Historical(not beforever)

Stacey Carter McIntire
Nickname(s):Stace,Cici(occasionally called these,not very often)
Words to describe you:Adventurous,Polite,Stylish,Funky
Favorite Animal(s):Cats,turtles,dogs,horses
Favorite Food(s):Pizza,Hot dogs,salad
Favorite Holiday(s):Christmas
Hobbies:Horseback riding,writing,doing athletic stuff,going shopping
Future Job:Military Officer,Model,A Beauty Shop Owner
Birthday:November 21
Day I got her:Unknown. Sometime in early 2013
AG doll type:Molly McIntire

Luna Mackenzie Johnson(Renamed)
Words to describe you:Funny,Kind,energetic
Favorite Animal(s):Cats,bunnies
Favorite Food(s):All Mexican food,chips
Favorite Holiday(s):Cinco de Mayo,Christmas,Day of the Dead
Hobbies:Playing Sports,Dancing,Photography,reading,design
Future Job:Softball Player,Dancer
Birthday:October 13
Day I got her:Unknown.Someday in the summer of 2014
Ag doll type:Unkown,all I know is she is Pleasent Company,My mom and I
think she might be Marisol 2005 GOTY.

Grace Aqua Thomas
Nickname(s): Sweet Girl, because I love to bake!
Words to describe you: Kind,Sweet,outgoing
Favorite Animal(s): Cats, dogs in particular Yorkshire terriers and French bulldogs
Favorite Food(s): all baked goodies!
Favorite Holiday(s): Christmas
Hobbies: baking,photography,design
Future Job:Baker
Birthday:May 2
Day I got her: February 28 2015
AG Doll type:Grace GOTY 2015

UPDATE: I sold Luna and I am currently selling Stacey. Read my latest post if you would like to know why.


  1. Your dolls are so pretty! I love their personalities. :)


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